Easily Start A Nidhi Company

Complete solution for starting a Nidhi Company, including incorporation of limited company, issue of shares and obtaining Nidhi status. 


Nidhi is the Hindi word which means Finance or Fund . Nidhi Company is a Public Limited Company and its sole objective is to cultivate the habit of thrift and savings amongst its members, receiving deposits from, and lending to, its members only, for their mutual benefit, and which complies with such rules as are prescribed by the Central Government for regulation of such class of companies.

If you want start your business in Finance sector than it is best option for you as it has similar feature of NBFC and may even upgrade your company at later stage into NBFC and than into a BANK.

If you want to Register your NIDHI COMPANY than HMJG LEGAL E-SERVICE INDIA PVT LTD will help you in Registration and in all the Compliance after Registration

Analysis on NIDHI Company

 It should have Minimum Capital of Rs 5 lakhs

 It should have 7 members Minimum

It should have 3 Directors Minimum

It shall have the words ‘Nidhi Limited‘ at the end of the name of the company.


 Minimum number of members should be 200;

 Net owned funds shall be Rs.10,00,000/- or more (‗Net owned funds‘ means the aggregate of paid up equity share capital and free reserved as reduced by the accumulated and intangible assets appearing in the last audited balance sheet); Ratio of net owned funds to deposit shall be not more than 1:45;

 Unencumbered term deposits of not less than 10% of the outstanding deposits as specified in Rule 14.


 NO NIDHI SHALL carry on the business of Chit Fund, Hire Purchase Finance, Leasing Finance, Insurance or Acquisition of Securities issued by anybody corporate; issue preference shares, debentures or any other debt instrument by any name or in any form whatsoever;

Open any current account with its members;

Acquire another company by purchase of securities or control the composition of the Board of Directors of any other company in any manner whatsoever or enter into any arrangement for the change of its management, unless it has passed a special resolution in its general meeting and also obtained the previous approval of the Regional Director having jurisdiction over such Nidhi.

Carry on any business other than the business of borrowing or lending in its own name.

Nidhis which have adhered to all the provisions of these rules may provide locker facilities on rent to its members subject to the rental income from such facilities not exceeding twenty per cent of the gross income of the Nidhi at any point of time during a financial year.

Issue or cause to be issued any Advertisement in any form for soliciting deposit. Private circulation of the details of fixed deposit Schemes among the members of the Nidhi carrying the words for private circulation to members only shall not be considered to be an advertisement for soliciting deposits. Pay any brokerage or incentive for mobilising deposits from members or for deployment of funds or for granting loans.




Flooded recourses

More capital can be brought to the LLP as number of person involvement increases. 

Limited RBI Regulation

Since Company is dealing only between  its member , the regulation imposed by the RBI is very limited. It has to follow Nidhi Rules 2014.

Limited Capital Requirment

Requirement to Incorporate a NIDHI Company minimum Share Capital Should be Rs 5 Lakhs  only  where as Minimum Capital Required for NBFC is 200 lakhs.

Easy formation

As NIDHI Company is not required to take License as compare to NBFC from RBI so the formation of the Company has become easier. 

Life Span

Death and insolvency of any of the member does not affect the continuity of the company. Thus the life of its members does not affect the company. Person can become member or even can leave the organization. Transfer of share can not affect the company.

Document Required for Partnership Registration

Identity and Address Proof

Identity and address proof will be required for all directors and shareholders of the company to be incorporated. In case of Indian nationals, PAN is mandatory. For foreign nationals, apostilled or notarised copy of passport must be submitted mandatorily. All documents submitted must be valid. Residence proof documents like bank statement or electricity bill must be less than 2 months old.

Registered Office Proof

All companies must have a registered office in India. To prove access to the registered office, a recent copy of the electricity bill or property tax receipt or water bill must be submitted. Along with the utility bill, rental agreement or sale deed and a letter from the landlord with his/her consent to use the office as a registered office of a company must be submitted.

INR 54,999 /- All Inclusive, No hidden Charges

Free Company Name Search

Name Reservation

Free Consultancy

Certificate of Incorporation


5 Copy of MOA & AOA

DIN of 3 Directors

Share Certificates


* Stamp duty Extra for States: Punjab, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim

* Charges extra for NRI/Foreign Directors

* Stamp duty Extra for States: Punjab, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim * Charges extra for NRI/Foreign Directors


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